Top 5 Tattoos in Boxing Michael Katsidis Full view

Top 5 Tattoos in Boxing

Boxing and tattoos have a long, long history. Artist design books in the late-1800s and early 20th-century were fulled of pugilist imagery, mainly hardened guys with fists raised for the fight. That simple expert tattoo has actually had enduring legacy. When Ricky Hatton feel to Manny Pacquio, the guy with the more ignorant boxing glove ink proved victorious. Latino boxers give the ring religious tattoos of differing degrees of success, and when it come to Fernando Vargas poor attempts at relaying the achievement of Aztec heritage.

In any case, there’s no lack of fascinating ink in the ring. Here are our top 5 tattoos in boxing:

Antonio Margarito boxer

Antonio Margarito — Japanese Style Shoulders TATTOO


Diego Corrales boxer

Diego Corrales — Classic American Tattoos, including a panther on his chest


Michael Katsidis boxer

Michael Katsidis — Verginia Sun Back Piece


Louis Collazo boxer

Louis Collazo — Religious Themed Chest and Arms Tattoo


Mike Tyson boxer

Mike Tyson — Portraits on Arms and Stomach


Manny Pacquiao tattoos

Manny Pacquiao tattoos


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