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Top 5 World’s Strangest Tattoos

Hundreds of inspirations can stir interest to any tattoo artist or tattoo enthusiast around the world. The evolution of simple black-inked tattoos now has a younger generation of colorful statements, designs, concepts, and layouts. It seems that only a person’s imagination is the limit; and with many creative ideas to express, there came the world’s strangest tattoos yet.

• Full Head Tattoo

extreme full head and face tattoo

Television and the internet showed many different individuals who shared their unique prints. There are more and more young people who get a full tattoo for their heads. The trend shows the curiosity and choice of being different.

head mandala tattoo design

There are some which are described as a 3D image of the person’s skull or one of the world’s strangest tattoos of having a whole face and head tattooed with black and white squares. It somehow depicts a live version of a chess board game. Creative? Perhaps. Strange? Definitely.

head 3d skull tattoo design

• Lover’s Name on the Forehead

Finding the one could be tough at times, which is a possible reason behind people permanently leaving a mark of their partners’ names on their foreheads. There is an image of a woman who tattooed the name of her “love” who is Ruslan with large letters across her face. This could be one of the most unique ways of showing affection, but it is somehow difficult to get over with.

horrible face tattoo name

What could happen if they break up? Searching for a different love with the same name on the forehead could be tricky.

lizard man full body tattoo

• Degrading statements

racist hate finger tattoos

Aside from the usual visually-appealing tattoos of images, there is also a common trend of getting famous quotes, words, or statements inked on a specific body part. Anyone who would want to get this done should give a lot consideration. It is difficult to live with the word “racist” on a person’s forehead.

racist head tattoos

That case would be an awful experience but it would be included in the list of world’s strangest tattoos.

• Belly-Button TATTOO Effect

The navel or belly-button is not just accessorized with piercings these days, but also comes as an inspiration for a one of a kind tattoo idea. There are people all over the internet who have shown their creative concepts particularly focusing on their navels. Some disturbing images of cute cats with their buttocks facing you are a common choice.

traditional belly tattoo design for men and women


belly tattoo design for women

People who are fond of putting tattoos along their belly buttons use it as the image for a butt. Aside from cute cats, there are also farm animals like a cow. These are people whose permanent inked masterpieces are part of the world’s strangest tattoos.

funny and strange belly tattoo

These are just a few of the world’s strangest tattoos we found. We were not able to find the name of the artists who created these pieces, if you happen to know, be sure to send us a message and we will make sure to add the credit.

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