Traditional Japanese Style Tattoos and Their History Traditional Japanese Style Tattoos and Their History Full view

Traditional Japanese Style Tattoos and Their History

All of us know what amazing country, loaded with beautiful architectural history and people Japan is, and maybe everyone has seen a few traditional Japanese style tattoo. Well, what you probably don’t know, is that even in this remarkable culture, strengthened from centuries of tradition and history, tattoos got a deep, extensive, meaning and a name, which is Irezumi. From centuries, Irezumis got a social function into Japanese culture. In Japan, Irezumis where associated to Yakuza gang members, to inform their accomplishments while working for the mob family, normally representing assassinations. However thankfully, being an assassin, it’s not a requirement to take a Irezumi on your body, due to the fact that even in this incredible culture, the creatures, the figures and the other signs have a deep definition token from history and legends. They got numerous styles and techniques, like Tebori, Hanebori and Tsuki-bori.

Traditional Japanese style tattoo
Senju Horimatsu Irezumi Japanese style tattoo

Yakuza tattoos
Yakuza full body tattoos

Traditional Yakuza tattoos
Yakuza tattoos

Tebori tattoo technique
Tebori tattoo technique

full back Japanese tattoo

Japanese style tattoo by Aaron Bell
Tattoo by Aaron Bell

Japanese style tattoo by Horishin
Tattoo by Horishin

Japanese style tattoo by Horitaka
Tattoo by Horitaka


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